# Create lead

# Setup

Endpoint: https://app.lamatool.com/api/v3/leads

Type: POST

# Parameters

Field Type Required Note
name string true
phone string true
email string true Validates if the email/dns exists
streetname string true
streetnumber string true
zip string true Integer
city string true
campaign string true
api_key string true
products array true Array
special_id string false
description string/text false
media_source string false
use_loop boolean false Should be set to true by default
parameters object false

# Example

    "name": "John Doe",
    "phone": "12345678",
    "email": "john@doe.com",
    "streetname": "Doe street",
    "streetnumber": "108A 2, 1",
    "zip": "1234",
    "city": "Doe city",
    "campaign": "abcdef",
    "products": [],
    "api_key": "insert-api-key-here",
    "description": "This is a test",
    "use_loop": true,
    "parameters": {
        "custom_fields": {
            "a1b2c3": 123456,
            "c3b2a1": "Test"
        "notes": [
            "Note 1",
            "Note 2"
        "tags": [
            "Tag 1",
            "Tag 2"